Our Food Future is a digital magazine and blog dedicated to the discussion of agroecology and the future of food production and consumption in Australia, the UK, and throughout the world. In using the term ‘agroecology’, we refer to the definition outlined in Gliessman, S.R. (2007):

“The science of applying ecological concepts and principles to the design and management of sustainable food systems.”

This project was set up in 2012, based on the belief that fundamental change is required, not only in regard to our approach to food production, but equally in regard to waste management and the cycling of nutrient back into our farming systems.

In too many instances our conventional, monoculture farming systems compare more closely to mining than farming; in that they are stripping our soils and oceans of life, and polluting our ecosystems. For too long we have falsely believed that we can manipulate natural systems to suit our needs, whilst focussing only on singular parts of those systems. This type of reductionist approach ignores the complexity of natural systems.

Whilst an awareness of our dire position is growing, it is contrasted by the increasing threat of corporations seeking to patent genes and control our food systems. These corporations have convinced many that only their technology can provide a solution to the food challenges we face. In truth however, genetic modification and chemical agriculture will only serve to lock us into the sorts of destructive farming practices that have caused these problems to begin with. As Albert Einstein said,

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.”

There is another way.

Our Philosophy

  • That agroecology must be a cornerstone of human sustainability discussions.
  • That agroecology provides the best opportunity to sequester carbon and move humanity towards a sustainable existence, in harmony with nature.
  • That sustainable agroecological systems can feed the world and, more importantly, that they are the only long term hope we have.  After all if it’s not sustainable, then by definition it is not a solution.
  • That food is one of humanities key connections to nature and that through food we can create global awareness of the broader environmental issues we face.
  • That only food produced in biologically diverse and healthy systems can meet the complex nutritional requirements of our bodies.

Our Team

Richard Widows, Founder

Richard is an agricultural scientist with ten years professional experience in the agricultural sector, with a particular focus in agricultural policy. He has recently completed a Masters in Holistic Science at Schumacher College in the UK. Richard is currently working as an independent digital strategy consultant whilst exploring agroecological food stories in the UK and Europe. He also works with the UK based Water NGO, the Flow Partnership.

Stephanie O’Donnell

Stephanie has a background in ecology and communications, and has recently graduated from a Masters of Conservation Leadership at the University of Cambridge. She is excited to uncover new research, businesses, and social movements that connect people with each other, their food and back with nature. In addition to Our Food Future, Stephanie is involved with projects with the University of New South Wales, the Global Ocean Trust and WildHart Design.

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